Music has always been part of man’s day-to-day life. It was used to enchant everyday way of living, mark a special occasion and or ceremony.

History of the Native American flute

There are no precise dates when the first flute was created but some bone whistles which are dated back to B.C. 300 – A.D.300 originate from Arizona; some whistles and flutes of that era were made from plants, river cane and wood.

Earl Morris was the discoverer of the set of four flutes made out of Box Elder, which dated back to 625 A.D. in New Mexico.

Canyon de Chelly was yet another lucky discoverer of a similar treasure in the Verde Valley.

The flutes found above were very different from what the Native American flute is today; lips were used to produce the sound not as practiced today, blown in at the end. There are no pictures found however to document the finding.

Several references were found along the centuries to music that came from long pipes like flutes, they were called Anasazi flutes.

In 1850s was captured the first picture of a Native American flute in southern Utah in a Ute tribe. Along the years many flutes were developed some of which were the Meso American flutes, the Mexican and Central American.

The main difference between these flutes was that the Mexican and Central American ones had clay ends and were ornate with various designs of Goddesses.

Those who are passionate of this music and instruments can find exact replicas for sale on various site but also pictures of the originals. Flute music is soothing with a relaxing effect, which was very early discovered and practiced and was passed on till date through our ancestors.

It does not take an expert to enjoy the music produced by flute however; the player requires intensive practice in order to master this music instrument thoroughly.

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