Many people have a strong appreciation for ethnic collectible items. If you are one of these persons, then perhaps you own various Native American figurines. Because Native Americans were the First Nation of America, many are captivated with their culture and way of life. Indian art depicts many different images. For example, drawings and other artistry commonly show Indians hunting or engaging in warfare. Similarly, some Native American figurines depict ancient war heroes. On a lighter note, there are also various figurines of women and children.

People collect Native American figurines for different reasons. Some collectors are simply fascinating with the artistry. Authentic figurines, which are essentially sculptures crafted by Indians, have so much history behind the artistry. Because the Indians took great pride in handcrafted art, figurines and drawings were often kept as family or tribal heirlooms and passed down from generation-to-generation. Today, Indians who live on the reservation continue to craft handmade figurines. Individuals who tour reservations have the opportunity to purchase authentic figurines. Native American figurines are commonly used for decorative purposes. Even if you are unable to tour an Indian reservation, figurines are available from many Native American stores. These retail shops, which are typically owned and operated by Native Americans, include an assortment of items such as jewelry, art, figurines, musical instruments, and so forth.

Individuals who collect Native American figurines may also do so for historical purposes. Several people have traces of Native American heritage in their family line. Thus, they feel a strong connection to their ancestral roots. As a way of upholding tradition and staying connected, these persons may acquire certain Native American crafts such as figurines, clothing, artwork, handmade jewelry, sculptures, and so forth. In fact, Indian Americans can obtain tribal specific figurines. For example, there are figurines of Indian chief leaders, ancient warriors, etc.

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