People all over North America that think they have Native American DNA need to be able to prove that they have American Indian ancestry with official documentation so they can become entitled to the benefits that people with native American bloodlines are entitled to. There are many tests available now so you can check to see if you have native American DNA thanks to modern day scientific advancement in the 20th and 21st centuries. One of the tests to check to see if you and your family have Native American DNA is a painless test where they can just do a simple swab of the cheek. These advancements are very important to Native American ancestry and it allows many people to reclaim their heritage that might have been forgotten over time in their family. Considering that the land we as American people live on was once all owned and inhabited by the Native Americans, there are many people that may have Native American Indian bloodlines eho do not even know it.

In order to qualify for benefits that your tribe may be eligible for you must prove that you have very strong Native American DNA, and the government is extra strict about who is entitled to the benefits that have been created from the US to the American Indian people who were once forced off of their land. Most of these benefits are only available if you are one hundred percent Native American, and these Native American DNA tests can help you find this out. It is fairly easy since there are certain characteristics that have been discovered in recent years that have only been found in the DNA of indigenous Native American Indians. Once you know you are from Indian descent it could be a very interesting and informative experience to trace your family tree back through ancestry records. Who knows–you could be the great, great grandchild of a very important Native American chief.

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