Native American cultural differences often refer to conflict between people of Native American descent and mainstream America. There is absolutely no doubt there is conflict between these two segments of the population. This conflict quite simply cannot be denied.

Unfortunately, there are a great number of Native American cultural differences at play among the Native American population itself. This internal conflict is not often a focus of mainstream America and it is often denied within the Native American population.

These cultural differences may be something that has developed recently in response to the European invasion of the continent and the development of the United States of America and all that implies. Sometimes these cultural differences began long, long before that, however, and it’s these deep-seated differences that seem the most heartbreaking.

Native American cultural differences have always been in existence. Back in the day many of us long for, the Native American population was diversified and scattered far and wide.

Each culture that established itself and flourished in any one geographic area learned how to adapt to the changes of the season, the migration of the local animals, the cycle of the plant life. The rhythm of the seasons brought rain, snow, sunshine, heat, cold, flood, drought, hunger, and countless other disasters, as well as causes to celebrate.

Regardless of how happy, content, and satisfying life is in a given location, people have always wanted to explore more. To take just a step outside the known boundaries. Just across this river or over that hill. And one more step.

Oftentimes, the adventurous explorer testing boundaries stumbles upon the happy, contented, satisfying life of another culture of people. People who may not be so happy about newcomers. Especially newcomers who go away for a while but come back with a whole crowd of even more newcomers in tow.

In such a scenario, cultural differences often lead to conflict. Conflict threatens the peaceful, plentiful existence of one culture pitted against the other. Bad things happen.

Can these Native American cultural differences be resolved? Can it happen quickly? Peacefully? Could it then? Can it now?

Perhaps the settling, the overcoming, of cultural conflict is merely another frontier ready for some vigorous and adventurous exploration.

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