Though we traditionally think of Native American crafts as totem poles or tomahawks, there are a wide variety of native American crafts and techniques that not only are beautiful for the average collector, but are designed to preserve a cultural way of life and represent the Native American spiritual outlook on life.

Native American crafts and crafting techniques have been handed down throughout thousands of years, making Native American crafts the oldest existing North American art form today, a surprising fact to many.

By combing elements of earth, nature, animals, the spiritual, family and culture, Native American crafts not only are beautiful and colorful items to display but often evoke feelings and emotions.

Native American Crafts Are Popular Today

One of the most popular forms of Native American crafts today is the dreamcatcher, which was created thousands of years again by Native Americans using sinew and feathers and other materials. The dreamcatcher is a spiritual and metaphysical tool, designed to be hung above or near the beds of Native American children to protect them from nightmares as they sleep.

Today, dreamcatchers hang on the rear-view mirrors of cars and in millions of bedrooms around North America, and have become a popular form of Native American crafts among both collectors and layman alike.

While the benefits of a dreamcatcher have yet to be proved, many have faith this beautiful form of Native American crafts provides protection form bad dreams and even good luck.

Native American crafts come in a variety of forms, and while there are a host of artists making Native American crafts, you can guarantee the authenticity by purchasing them from certified Native American Web sites and federally recognized Native American artists. Though the internet and several retailers offer dreamcatchers, totem poles, pottery and other Native American crafts, reservations and certified artists is the best way to ensure you are getting an authentic piece, and, at the same time, do your part to preserve the techniques and traditions that they use to create beautiful Native American crafts.

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