The Native American tribes that once inhabited much of the land that is now the United States are known and remembered for many different things, from fishing and hunting to their amazing handmade Native American crafts. The thousands of American Indian tribes all took great pride in themselves and their tribes, and this is reflected in everything that these indigenous people did, including the wondrous Native American crafts. These arts and crafts varied greatly from tribe to tribe, and much of this was due to the natural resources that were available to a particular tribe in the region they lived in. An example of this could be a plant that produces a certain color dye that might only be found in the region of a certain American Indian tribe, or else type of wood that is easily carved, like the ones that the tribes of the Northwestern region would use to make their totem poles.

Some of the popular styles of Native American crafts are things such as the colorful native quilts, that were crafted by Native American tribes of the southwest such as the Navajo Indians and the Pueblo Indians. Pottery and basket weaving are a couple of the other Indian crafts that are still very popular and can be seen quite frequently in homes that are decorated in a Southwest d├ęcor. The Native American dream catcher is another of these American Indian crafts that are seen all over the place today, and there is almost always a store in any local mall that will have these as well as some other very popular Native American crafts such as beaded necklaces, including Native American handmade sterling silver jewelry. The problem with many of these stores you will find in malls is that they are usually mass produced and not authentically handmade by Native Americans. There are many places that do sell the authentic handmade crafts, especially since the Native Americans teach their skills to their children to keep the tradition going.

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