Log homes are made completely of wood and modular log homes are a great way for achieving that. These homes are cabins that are made in a remote facility and are then delivered to their desired site of use.

Wood is a fabulous natural resource for building homes. All the more, harvesting wood causes much less damage to the environment than the extraction of metals and minerals would. Wood is also easy to work with in comparison to concrete, stone, brick, steel, glass or aluminum.

Log Home Types

Log homes are of two kinds; they can be either hand crafted or manufactured. Expert craftsmen dare to take the responsibility of building the handcrafted log homes, as these homes require stripping, shaping and custom fitting every log in an apt position. This entire process is time consuming and expensive.

The manufactured log homes are actually the modular log homes, which are prefabricated homes consisting of uniform and smooth milled logs that you can obtain packaged and numbered. These are also the easy-to-assemble modular log homes.

Milled logs are those, which are put through a sawmill. The wood in milled logs are basically, spruce, pine, cedar and fir; however, pine among these is the cheapest. White pine is easy to work with, is abundant, comes for cheap and has fabulous insulation properties. Western red cedar is another good choice owing to its resistance to decay and insects, as well as for its longevity.

Log Home Building

On an average, the log homebuilder requires five times the time-period needed by the traditional homebuilders, for building modular log homes. The log homebuilder has to engage in thorough research before building these log homes. The log home builders also need to make a sound decision regarding the budget, where to build and how to build; they also need to be clear about the log species, profile, size and so on.


Modular log homes keep the bad weather and the insects away. A log home that has been well designed will not let humidity accumulate. This will prevent decay and keep insects away. The log’s ability to absorb heat bars the weather outside from seeping inside.

The modular dwellings come for a lower cost than the handcrafted log homes. It is also a great choice over the traditional ‘stick-built’ homes. It is also very easy to make additions and changes in the modular log homes.

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