While planning to buy a modular home or modular house the first and foremost thing to consider is modular home dealers, who would offer you the home of your dreams. Without a dealer, you would be wondering around, assuming the process as confusing and difficult, just like buying a new refrigerator or car. Moreover, there are no consumer magazines that can provide comparisons and recommendations on modular home companies.

Before deciding on a modular house, you need to consult those who have dealt with modular houses and can offer advice on specific modular home companies, the modular home dealers can do exactly that for you. The dealers can provide you the knowledge and availability of the modular homes. So, you require a dealer who would take time to educate about the responsibilities and can perform them.

In order to have the process of buying simplified, you should know precisely the functions of the modular home dealers. Further, you should evaluate and compare the modular home companies according to their service, craftsmanship, quality and price. It is also important to establish better understanding with the modular home dealers to get the projected cost and schedule. At the first meeting, a dealer should provide you the ballpark price. The ballpark price would give you the level of details needed for selecting a dealer. It would provide you an idea whether to afford the particular dealer and compare the prices with other dealers.

Tips for modular home dealers

Here are the things you should look for while selecting a dealer:

  • Decide whether you are comfortable with a dealer who works with several or only one or two manufacturers
  • Check the comparative importance of the services provided by the modular dealer on the home built by the modular manufacturer
  • Verify the authentication of the dealer, whether he is skilled enough to design custom modular house plans
  • Normally there are misunderstandings and miscommunications within the construction projects, see if your modular dealer is competent enough to minimize them.
  • Look for the modular company (larger or smaller) that would offer better service

However, the difficulty lies in the fact that different modular home dealers offer different levels of services and craftsmanship, techniques and different materials, which can be quite confusing for you. You can seldom distinguish between the variations in price or the variety of modular house plans, and the package of choices, which are more tempting than pragmatic.

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