The early North American people hailing from southern Mexico and northern Central America are collectively known as Maya Indians. According to most archeologists, socialists and historians the Maya people were well civilized and they also had a rich culture. History also says that they had used very expressed and scientific form of time keeping and complex alphabet. Moreover, pyramids and burial mounds are some of the structural marvels of the early Mayans.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize are the places where they initially lived and then traveled to Mexico and eventually to the Yucatan Peninsula. There are not much remains of the Mayan records as the Spanish destroyed all of them. However, it is estimated that the Mayan civilization is as early as 1,000 B.C.

Speaking of the Mayan rule, their government ruled supremely. The Mayans were healthy traders as they exchanged items like gold, cacao, salt, mineral Obsidian etc. with some of the other tribes. In the field of agriculture the Mayans also made great strides with their innovative agricultural technologies and techniques. Beyond that, the art forms of this Indian group are overwhelmingly impressive.

The magnificent temples constructed on the gigantic stepped pyramids spoke of their rich culture and religion. You can also spot the detailed mural paintings in the interiors of the temples. They were also ahead of their times, language wise as their writing system was advanced. It just goes to show how this native group excelled in all aspects of human civilization.

Putting light on the average life of the Mayan people, you will come to know that they settled in houses like you do today. They expressed themselves by conducting religious and ceremonial events. They also invented games with rules for their entertainment and mirth. They also created special calendars for their convenience. History also reveals that the Mayans were fashionable people relative to their times. As regards the Mayan social beliefs, children were considered as a sign of good luck. Weddings were celebrated elaborately while the custom of having many wives on part of the husband was common.

But however the bigger question lies that how did the Mayans disappear with the passage of time in the dark, leaving behind their glorious history. Yucat√°n, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapas, Belize, Guatemala, and some of the western parts of Honduras and El Salvador are the places where you can locate the leading contingent of modern Mayans. Unfortunately, most of these contemporary Mayans have lost their traditional values and customs amidst the modern cultures of the countries to which they belong.

This is how, the historical identity of the Maya people rich in their cultural and traditional forms is revealed.

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