Hollywood has a reputation for depicting reality from a distorted lens, and people are willing to suck up the information like a sponge.  Indian movies are possibly the biggest object of distortion historically, though Hollywood seems to be breaking through and clearing up the clouded lens.  Native American Indians still feel that Hollywood still has a long way to go before they accurately portray their role in certain situations.

The first introduction of Indian movies commonly portrayed the old western genre where Indians were viewed as evil land seekers that hunted white men who were in search of companionship and new experiences.  Automatically, this gives Indians a bad name, and the reputation of being confrontational and unapproachable.  Because of their differences and difficulties in their ability to communicate between groups that speak different languages, they have to defend their reputation as it is, and Indian movies make the job even harder.

Despite some of their struggles, Native American Indians have been able to make an impact in the entertainment business.  Much like other minorities, they have been forced to overcome greater challenges in the business, but some of them like Demi Moore, Cher, Johnny Depp, Kevin Costner, Benjamin Bratt and Lou Diamond Phillips are just a few among the many who have managed to leave their impression in the business of Indian movies.  It is of popular belief that Native American Indians will continue to persevere and push their way into the movie business as have other groups that thought they would never make it.

Although Hollywood focuses on various genres in the entertainment business, a select few films have made their impact, notorious for accurately depicting Native American Indians.  A list includes Dances With Wolves in which a white man learns about and becomes a part of their tribe, Last of the Mohicans which dramatizes the French and Indian war, Broken Arrow and How the West was Won are among the handful of Indian movies that have been made popular by Hollywood.

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