The most traditional types of Indian dresses worn by women are the sari.  Nothing as strongly identifies an Indian woman as the sari.  According to the Hindu lifestyle, they are ruled and governed by ancient beliefs and traditions.  The appropriate dress for religious functions and certain social behavior was instituted by ancient law givers.  Certain styles of Indian dresses are influenced by the class of a person.  All women who wear Indian dresses wore the sari, but the style, decorations, and floral motifs are influenced by the class of the woman and the region where she presides.

The sari is approximately 13-26 feel long and 4 feet wide.  It is draped around the entire body, and can be folded in different ways to make it into a skirt of a pair of trousers.  The remaining part of the sari is draped across the upper body and covers at least one shoulder and goes over the head.  The quality of the sari is influenced by its quality and where it was made.  A nice good quality sari would be made of expensive fabric and is broader and longer.  A less costly one would be shorter in length and width.  Indian dresses over time have been influenced by other cultures but it has not altered the traditional value. Saris have continued to be the most popular style of Indian dresses for Indian women.

Indian dresses fabrics such as the sari are divided into three areas: the longitudinal borders, the end piece and the field.  Each of the divided areas told the women’s social and family status as well as their regional identity.  Certain colors of the motifs signify their status and community specific details.  The size and amplification of the sari displayed their wealth.  Accessories were also added to go along with the Indian dresses.  A bindi was worn on their foreheads, which is a red dot, and a choli is sometimes worn with a sari.  A choli is a tight fitting top with a bare midriff and an open back. Some have ties at the back of neck and across the shoulder blades.  No matter how to accessorize the saris and Indian dresses they almost always look elegant and exquisite.

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