Native Americans are well-known for their handmade moccasins. These handmade moccasins are more than just the traditional style of shoe. The typical handmade moccasins are soft soled, made exclusively of leather, and are sewn together with strong fibers.

Of the front of the moccasins are complex designs using brightly colored beads. Often times you will see leather fringes hanging from the sides of the moccasins. Not only do Native Americans make handmade moccasins for themselves, but they also make them to sell for as a source of income.  You may see people walking around their homes wearing these handmade moccasins, but the Native Americans use these moccasins as their everyday shoes.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly non-durability of the shoes because of their soft soles.  Moccasins can stand the test of water, snow, and even everyday wear and tear.  Native Americans traditionally used fat to keep rain and snow from ruining handmade moccasins. The most traditional style of handmade moccasins was made of deer leather.  Deer leather has a velvety softness and can hug skin like a glove.  The durability surpasses any other type of material and is water resistant.  These types of moccasins are more expensive, but you do not have to replace them as often as you would other types of leathers.

Now days, you will find handmade moccasins made out of harder leathers with firmer soles.  These are intended for everyday wear, and are quite different from Native American moccasins. However, they are still more comfortable than other styles of shoes. Moccasins are a hot fashion accessory.  You may often see the long moccasins that cover the entire leg.  Many children and young adults like wearing these shoes because of the comfort and parents love buying these shoes for the children because of how long they last.

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