Guerilla Performances
Watch for our signature guerilla dance performances at well-travelled public locations this spring.  You may just see us in front of SFMOMA, the deYoung Museum, City Hall, or in on MUNI.

New show
Preparations are now underway for an Earth Dance Theater’ Spring 2007 show with new dances.  Stay tuned for details!  To audition or be involved, click here.

New auditions are on-going.  Contact us at earthdanceth@yahoo.com and send us your talent resume, photos, and contact information.

Open Classes
Interested dancers are encouraged to attend one of our upcoming FREE classes, which are offered as a community service with our Earth Dance Theater choreographer.  Location:  Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.  Be prepared to work hard!  Wear dance clothes and shoes.  Call 641-9466 for more info.

Earth Dance Creative Staff
Artistic Director Andrew Brother Elk is meeting with the Earth Dance Creative Team (musicians, set designers, costumers, co-choreographers, etc.)  If you are interested or know someone talented who might be, call Earth Dance at 641-9466.

Spring Equinox
Seven performances in one day. EDT showcased its signature guerilla performance style and delighted surprised audiences at Yerba Buena Gardens, MUNI Metro, Union Square, Justin Herman Plaza, Hunter’s Point, the Mission, and Land’s End.
Winter/Spring 2007
EDT held auditions in late Fall 2006, and conducted rehearsals through winter.
June 1:  Earth Dance Theater Auditions.  By invitation only. SF Dance Center, Market and 7th Streets, Wednesday, 2-6 pm. For future auditions, please first attend a FREE open class (see above). Call 641-9466 for more info.
EDT returned to Giants Stadium on Tuesday, May 23rd, vs. the St. Louis Cardinals for a performance with Loco Bloco with its rythmic beat and touch of of Latin Flavor. Drumming and dancing prior to the game in the Lefty O’Doul Plaza started at 5:15 pm. Go Giants! Go Carnaval!

EDT Dancers also performed for school children at the new deYoung Museum, at Union Square, and in subway MUNI stations.  All events sponsored by NACC. 

Earth Dance Theater hosted the second “21st Century Dance Salon,” a lively discussion of the state of dance performance in the United States.  More salon discussions will follow. 

Earth Dance Theater performed its annual Spring Solstice dance at Ocean Beach this year.  Students and other onlookers participated in the concluding circle dance.

Earth Dance Theater was invited to Palm Springs for the official premier of “The New World” in which EDT dancers and artists performed.  Our dancers performed at the Palm Springs Film Festival and the Palm Springs Museum of Art.

The winter solstice was welcomed in San Francisco with a dance at Justin Herman Plaza and the Ferry Building.  A holiday feast was held at the Farmer’s Market after.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Office of Neighborhood Services hosted Earth Dance Theater performers in November at the Rotunda in City Hall.  EDT was the featured performing arts group, and performed at the climax of the show.  A special dance was created especially for this event by choreographer Cobi Castillo. 

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