The Crow Indians lived in the Yellowstone River Valley. They now live in the state of Montana. The Crow Indians have always been admired for their beauty. The French called this Plains Indian group “handsome men”. There are many accounts of the Crow Indians stating their regal bearing, attractive physiques and ornamental and elegant dress.

The Crow Indians loved fine clothing and long hair. Their clothes were similar to other Plains Indians, but it had a more artistic touch. The Creek Indians were known to lengthen their own hair by adding what we know today as “extensions”. Some Creek Indians had hair that would drag the ground. The famous artist, Bodmer, traveled to see the Creek Indians in 1833 to make drawings of their attractive appearances.

The traditional homes of the Crow Indians were tipis made with buffalo skins. The Crow Indians were known for making the largest tipis with a fireplace in the center. The smoke from the fireplace would exit through a hole at the top of the tipi.

The clothing of Crow women was fairly simply. Dresses were made of deer skin or mountain sheep and were decorated. They also wore leggings and moccasins. Crow women kept their hair short, while the men had long hair which was often decorated. The Crow men usually wore shirt, leggings that had trim, a belt, moccasins and a robe.

Upon marriage, the Crow husband would move in with his new wife’s family. The Crow women were very important and obtained high status in the tribe. Some women were even chiefs.

Today, the Crow Indian elects a Chairman of the Crow Tribal Council. The elected official serves as the speaker of the council, majority leader and as the chief executive officer of the Crow Indian Nation. The Crow Indians host a large celebration each year called the “Crow Fair”.

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