The Cherokee Indians were one of the tribes that were considered a member of the “Five Civilized Tribes”.  This title has led to the opinion that other tribes were wild and savage, leading many to reject the term.  However, one thing is certain, the Cherokee Indians continue to thrive and are one of the most prosperous Native American groups today. The Cherokee Indians were native to the Eastern and Southeastern United States and populate areas such as, Georgia and South Carolina.

The Cherokee Indians were considered to be civilized because they were one of the few tribes that readily adopted many of the early colonists customs and practices.  In fact, many of the Cherokees even began to adopt the practice of slavery.  However, even though many Cherokees were engaged in treaties with many of the white settlers, a large number of Cherokees were disillusioned with the breaking of treaties and began to move westward in hopes of reclaiming their own territories.

This was not to be, however.  With the US policies in place and many Native Americans being moved to reservations, the populous Cherokees only found that new reservations were awaiting them as they traveled across the states.

Today, Cherokees are a strong and vital force in the United States.  They are organized under what is known as the Cherokee Nation with its headquarters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. They also have a strong and impressive role in the theater arts.  They are regulars at the Sundance film festival and there are many famous actors, actresses, film producers and directors who are all members of the Cherokee Nation.

The Cherokee Nation has been a vital force in the employment of many tribal members.  They also provide resources for many community, social, and economic programs and have caused the Cherokee people to regain independence and prosper.

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