The Cherokee Indian has a history that is rich with sorrow, sadness, and perseverance.  Today, the Cherokee Indian is one of the most numerous tribes of the Native Peoples, and the Cherokee Indian can be found across America and into Canada.

The Cherokee originated from the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  They were very populous throughout this region.  Through many treaties and tears, the Cherokee Indian relocated across the country and began to occupy many other regions.  From Oklahoma to California, the Cherokee has left their stamp across the United States.

When the colonists began to settle in the Americas, they brought many things with them.  One thing that they brought to this country was disease.  Unfortunately, many Native Americans including Cherokees succumbed to sicknesses such as Small pox and Typhus.  The American Civil War also devastated many of the Cherokee, where Cherokees suffered a great and significant loss.

The Cherokee official language is Iroquoian but the Cherokee syntax varies from other forms.  The Cherokee are also comprised of sub tribes.  These tribes are divided based upon location they are as follows: the Lower, the Middle, and Over the Hill.  Today, there are three distinct groups that are recognized by the United States federal government.  They are as follows:  the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (located in Oklahoma), and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (located in North Carolina).

All of the federally recognized organizations provide social, community, and economic outlets and activities for Cherokees.  These groups exist to keep the cultural aspects and traditions of the Cherokee alive.  Though the Cherokee have overcome many obstacles, they remain one of the strongest and most prosperous Native American peoples.  They have fought many battles to retain their tribal lands and property, and they have succeeded in keeping the Cherokee spirit a burning flame in the United States of America.

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