This list is meant to spur your creativity, not be exhaustive…
Read stories to students, then have them paint images from the stories.
          Have students find and read traditional stories (legends) to each other.
Use a map of California or your region to identify indigenous place names.
          Find California tribal names that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
Have students research names of villages near your home or school.
          Find local indigenous words for animals like eagle, coyote, hummingbird, etc.
Explore foods native to California or North America.
          Make tops out of acorns and play spinning games.
Have students bring in a leaf or a flower, and talk about the uses of the plant.
          Identify animals important to California Indians, and whether they are still here.
Invite a California Indian storyteller to class for a special event.
          Invite beaders, carvers, weavers, and other artists for class demonstrations.
Play some California Indian songs in class, and discuss their differences.
          Have students practice the earth honoring dance to indigenous music.
Go on a field trip to a local open space, and imagine what it was like before us.
          Visit a native plant area and discuss how the Indians used the plants.
Display some indigenous botanical medicines.
          Perform some authentic face painting based on California Indian styles.
Form teams and have students create their own Native American website.
          Identify all the streams in your city, and what we have done with them.
Have students find the oldest tree in your city, and imagine what it has seen.
          Visit a local museum that has a good collection of indigenous artifacts.
Process and make acorn mush for everyone.
          Examine different types of arrowheads.
Have students find their favorite indigenous literature at the library.
          Let students search the web for indigenous photos, artwork, essays, etc.

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