The Blackfoot Indian tribe is one of the most powerful Indian tribes known to man.  Not only were the Blackfoot one of the most socially structured Indian groups, they have remained a vital and important role in this country and in Canada.

The Blackfoot Indian tribe consists of three main branches, these are: the Blackfoot, the Blood, and the Piegan.  The Blackfoot Indian tribe stretched from what is now known as Alberta, Canada all the way to the Missouri River.  The Blackfoot were accomplished hunters, farmers, and warriors.

When the horse was introduced into Blackfoot territory, the Blackfoot Indian tribe added champion horsemen to their list of credentials.  However, it was not the horse, but the buffalo that was the staple of Blackfoot society.  Buffalo was the primary food source as well as the basic material for clothing, tepees, tools, and more.  The Blackfoot were not careless people and they used every bit of the buffalo that they could, wasting none.

The Blackfoot were nomads, often following the migratory patterns of the buffalo.  They would survive the hardened and harsh northern winters by living off of the stores of dehydrated buffalo meat that they had previously prepared.  However, they would often hunt more buffalo during the winter months, when the buffalo were slow and easier prey.

The Blackfoot tribes would come together during the summer months for their tribal ceremony, the Sun Dance.  The Sun Dance was a time when they would give thanks for the buffalo and strengthen their social and community bonds that they had with each other.

The Blackfoot enjoyed a very pleasant way of life, living in harmony with each other and nature until they were restricted to live on reservations during the late 1800’s.  Today, the population of Blackfoot Indians has increased and there are many that live on reservations.  They keep the heritage and ancestry of the First People alive.

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