Are you having trouble choosing beads for a bead necklace you are making for someone else? All you have to do is think about that person’s style.

Does he or she like a delicate, soft and understated look? Or, does he or she like to stand out from a crowd? What are his or her favorite colors? By answering these questions you will soon be on your way to choosing the perfect shapes and colors for a bead necklace.

  • After you have decided upon the beads, explore all of your design options. Look through jewelry catalogs – both print and online. Visit Websites that cater to jewelry makers for inspiration.
  • Next, make some sketches of possible designs for the bead necklace. Set the drawings away for a few days and come back to look at them. More times than not, the one that stands out to you the most will be the one you should make.
  • Purchase the beads, thread and other items that will be needed to make the bead necklace.
  • Lay out the beads that you have purchased and make sure that everything looks compatible and in balance.
  • Keep in mind that if your first design does not suit you, you can always start fresh.
  • Give your gift and watch someone’s eyes light up!

If making bead necklaces comes easy to you, consider giving them on all gift giving occasions. Beads are much loved and the time and handiwork that goes into each necklace will make the receiver feel special. You should also consider taking a youngster under your wing and teach him or her how to work with beads.  Beads have been around since the beginning of time. Not only are they a great collectible, but they also bring people together.

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