Anyone can make a bead bracelet. Collecting and working with beads is a favorite pastime of children and adults alike. If you would like to make a bead bracelet, simply follow these tips. But be warned, making a bead bracelet is addicting! You will soon be making bracelets to match all of your outfits. You may even start making them for friends and family as gifts.

Decide how long you would like to bracelet to be. A general, standard length for a bead bracelet is 7 inches. (An easy way to get an accurate length is to measure your wrist with a tape measure.)  For an extra durable bracelet, use a double strand of thread.

Choose the beads you want for your bracelet. This is where many people run into trouble. With so many colors and shapes of beads to choose from, it may be hard narrowing down your choice. (This is one reason why people end up making more than one bracelet!) Do not forget to choose spacer beads. These are smaller beads that will go between your large beads.

Choose a clasp for your bead bracelet and two bead tips.

Lay out your beads on a flat surface. Arrange your beads in the order you would like them to appear in your bracelet.

Knot one end of the thread.

Next, put one bead tip through the unknotted end so that it covers the knot. Apply a small amount of glue to the knot and then clamp the bead tip closed.

Thread your beads. When you get to the end, add the other bead tip. Make sure the open end faces away from the beads!

Tie a knot and push it down into the open end of the bead tip. Add glue and close the bead tip.

Attach the clasps to the bead tips.

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