If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you may not have realized it, but you were standing on the ground once inhabited by the Aztec Indians.  In fact, the Aztec Indians who called themselves, “Me-She-Cas”, founded Mexico’s name.

The influence of the Aztec Indians even reaches the current capital city of Mexico, Mexico City.  For here, the Aztec Indians had the capital for their empire, Tenochitlan.  No matter where you visit, archaeological evidence of the Aztec empire is preeminent throughout the land of Mexico.

It is believed that the Aztec originated from a place called, Aztlan.  However, archaeologists are unsure of whether this was a centralized location or if it were simply a mythological place.  Somewhere during the 13th century, it is believed that the Aztecs came to Mexico and settled there.  They were primarily a wandering tribe of nomads however they did settle in a number of prominent cities, these include: Chalco, Atcapotzalco, Culhuacan, Tlacopan, and Xochimilco.

The height of the Aztec empire was roughly the 15th century.  However, as the Spaniards began to colonize many countries, fierce battles ensued between the Aztecs and the Spaniards.  The Spanish brought more to the Aztec regions then their colonization; they also brought sickness and disease.  As disease began to spread throughout the Aztec region, the Spaniards became victorious as their foes diminished at astonishing rates.  In fact, sicknesses such as Smallpox and Typhus would literally wipe out entire towns.

During the 1500’s the Spaniards conquered the Aztec empire.  At first, the Aztecs believed that the Spanish would allow their culture to survive and the Aztecs believed that they would be allowed to continue their daily lives.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.  In fact, after the conquest, the Aztecs had no other choice but to follow the Spanish rule. With death, sickness, disease and poverty, the Aztec culture ultimately succumbed to the power of the Spanish.

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