You cannot generalize American Indian Pottery. The traditions of each American Indian tribe were different. The most famous and renowned American Indian Pottery is thought to be that of the Southwestern American Indians. It is very distinctive in color, design and form.

There is no doubt that the Southwestern American Indians preserved their pottery better than other tribes. This is thought to be due in part to Indians elsewhere in American being forced to relocate – while the Southwest Indians were able to stay relatively close to their home base.

While each tribe had their own pottery styles, decorative patterns, firing and finishing methods – each tribe used the coil and pinch method of pottery. That is to say they never used any wheels or spinning instruments to make their ceramics – even after the Europeans arrived. Pottery was made by hand and this method is still used today.

American Indians work diligently to maintain their ancient American Indian Pottery traditions. Many Indians still excavate their own clay, create their pottery, decorate and fire them using the age-old practices of their ancient customs. By doing so, the American Indians are preserving the Indian ways.

Thousands of years have gone into American Indian Pottery making. Pottery making is an intrical part of Indian communities. The revenue received by the selling of pottery has greatly aided the Indian community. It has also gained the American Indians much public recognition for their artistry.  Galleries showcasing American Indian pottery can be found in cities throughout the United States.  Museums have even recognized and noted some of the finer pieces of native pottery as “fine art.”

If you are looking to invest in a fine piece of history, you should consider collecting American Indian Pottery. It is withstanding the test of time and is part of American and American Indian history.

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